jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Team United Nations of Gran Turismo

Introducing Team GTfusion

GTfusion is the organization of the virtual world championship on Gran Turismo.

Our goal is to help virtual pilots to go real. For this purpose karting seemed for us to be the most accessible discipline.

Thanks to its partners GTfusion has brought together the world's best virtual pilots to compete on your side.

Our pilots are : Hugo Araujo from Portugal, Jordan Tresson from France, Aymeric Demoulin from Belgium, Jesperd Pedersen from Denmark, Brice Poinas from France, Serio Azevedo from Portugal, Jean-Philippe Lacombe from France, Fabio Martin Braz from Portugal and Francis Borghesi from France.

For the 24H Eupener Karting race, we will let you discover our passion on our simulators. Come and watch us on our site or our Facebook page

We would like to thank our partners for their support: Dunlop, Thrustmaster,, SWS, GB Racing PE4 and we thank you in advance for your interest.

Eupener Karting :

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