vendredi 13 septembre 2013

GTfusion World Championship Gran Turismo Round 4

Acura NSX RM 91' - Tires : Hard Race .

Power: Unlimited .

Mechanical damages: Heavy.

Full Tuned

2013 september 13th, 14th, 15th
(Standard date of the race: Saturday, september14th)

Track: Tokyo R246 Reverse

Maximum number of entrants per team: 20.

Don't forget:

Colors are :
BTH : Grey
TeamGTPro : Purple (Tansanitblau metallic)
GT-club : Red
Gtracing : Orange
PureGT : Yellow
GTRA: Light Blue
TFV: Black
GTCL: Blue
GTOR: Green
ORC: White
GTTrs: Pink
ORMA : color Orange Chameleon.
No TEAM: Bronze

DRT : can make choise ! 

Lobby Timetable:
Race 1 Start7:30pm7:30pm2:30pm

Race 1 Start9:30pm9:30pm4:30pm

Race 1 Start8:30pm8:30pm3:30pm

Qualifications: 15 minutes. Lounges regulated without penalties. A track marshall will be present to check the trajectories. 

Race 1: 5 laps 
Race 2: 15 laps with starting grid reversed 

10 minutes break

Race 3: 5 laps with starting grid reversed 
Race 4: 15 laps with starting grid reversed 

It is forbidden to leave the lounges during the evening. It is allowed to prepare and use two cars for the evening.

Event and Regulation Settings:

(For those responsible for the lounge: please remember to set these parameters.)
- Vehicle Tuning: Authorized
- No Skid Recovery Force.
- No Active Steering.
- No Auto Stability Management (ASM).
- Driving Line Off. (Except for the last two lounge)
- Traction Control: Yes.
- ABS: Yes.
- Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check. 
- Grid Order: Race 1 - Fastest First.
- Grid Order: Race 2, 3, 4 - Reverse Grid Based on Previous Race Results.
- Boost: No.
- Penalty: No
- Race Finish Delay: Maximum (180 sec).
- Visible Damage: No.
- Mechanical Damage: Heavy.
- Disable Collisions: Off.
- Slipstream Strength: Weak.
- Grip Reduction: Real.
- Tyre/Fuel Depletion: VeryFast.

Friendly for the Staff

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