vendredi 6 septembre 2013 Reday for 24H Eupener Karting

Team is ready for 24H Eupener Karting

Great Team United Nation from Gran Turismo

#GTfusion Eupener Karting

Hugo Araujo from Portugal
The winner of GT Academy 2012 Iberica and 3° in the final in Silverstone
Pilot in Kia Super Seven

Jordan Tresson the winner of GT Acadamy 2010, Winner of 24H Spa Francorchamps 2011 , Pilot in VLN series for Ring.

Jesper Nyvang Pedersen, Winner GT Academy Danemark and Finalist Silverstone 2013, Winner in various 24H in gokarting

Aymeric Demoulin , Belgium Squash Champion 2013, staff at Eupener Karting, GTfusion Creator.

Brice , Staff at SWS

And Fábio Martins Braz , Sergio Azevedo , Jean-Philippe Lacombe Phenicks Gt and Pierre Schettura were qualified with GTfusion Time Trial

See you soon to Eupener Karting

Pierre — avec Phenicks Gt et 7 autres personnes.

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