mercredi 30 mars 2016

GTfusion Gran Turismo World Championship Round 2 2016

GTfusion 2016 ROUND 2

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray '14 - Tyres: Sport Soft

Preparation NO SETUP : 476 bhp / 3306 lb 

Mechanical damages: High.

April 15th, 16st and 17nd 2016
(Standard date of the race: Saturday, April 16st)

DAYTONA Road Day / Night

Maximum number of entrants per team: 20.

Colors are :
PSRacing : Alfa Red
GR_SWAT : Interlagos Blau Metallic.
PureGT : Yellow
GTBE : Lime Green
BTH : Hibiscus Red Pearl
Gtracing : Chrome Orange Metallic
GTNF: Blue
ORMA: Black Mat - Wheels Orange Chameleon
THG: White
OCR: Blue
GTRoS: Light Orange
TGTfever: Aztec Green
PRT: Green
BRT: Azzurro BLUE
TWR: Rosso Scuderia.
GTItalia: Choose your color. Azzurro Dino with Bianco Isis wheels and aero.
GTBR : Yellow wheels Green
No Team: Bronze

Lobby Timetable:

Race 1 Start8:30pm8:30pm3:30pm

Race 1 Start9:30pm9:30pm4:30pm

Race 1 Start8:30pm8:30pm3:30pm

Qualifications: 15 minutes. Lounges regulated without penalties. RUN ALONE Start last corner 

Race 1: 8 laps 
Race 2: 18 laps starting grid reversed 

Pause 10 min

Super qualification 5 minutes RUN ALONE Start last corner 

Race 3: 8 laps 
Race 4: 18 laps starting grid reversed 

It is forbidden to leave the lounges during the evening. It is allowed to prepare and use two cars for the evening.

Event and Regulation Settings:

(For those responsible for the lounge: please remember to set these parameters.)

- Vehicle Tuning: NO SETUP
- No Skid Recovery Force.
- No Active Steering.
- No Auto Stability Management (ASM).
- Driving Line Off. 
- Traction Control: Yes.
- ABS: Yes.
- Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check.
- Qualification type: Run alone, start last corner
- Grid Order: Race 1, 3 - Fastest First.
- Grid Order: Race 2, 4 - Reverse Grid Based on Previous Race Results.
- Boost: No.
- Penalty: No
- Race Finish Delay: Maximum (180 sec).
- Visible Damage: No.
- Mechanical Damage: Heavy.
- Disable Collisions: Off.
- Slipstream Strength: Real.
- Grip Reduction: Real.
- Tyre/Fuel Depletion: FAST
- Nitro: NO
- Weather: 0%
- Time Start: Race 1:1PM; Race 2: 5PM; Race 3: 7AM; Race 4: 11AM.
- Temporal progression: 6

Friendly for the Staff

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